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Paper Letter Folding Machines

Paper and document folding equipment provide the workhorse solutions you need for print production.

Stop Folding your paper by hand...

Low to high volume office documents and print runs can be batch folded quicker using these machines. Our brands of document folding equipment provide quality and reliable mailing solutions for effortless work.

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The 98M paper folder is a compact tabletop or desktop letter folding machine designed for ease of use. For folding paper, letters, statements, fliers and other print finishing tasks.

The 98M is the new and improved model of folding machine. New features include Test Mode, a lock plate to separate the rollers to prevent flat spots, and there’s no longer a need to reverse the second folding plate when performing a double fold job. Compact size (feed table and exit tray fold in for storage).

Short Specifications:
Folding Speed 7,200 sheets / hour
Feed Tray Sheet Capacity 150
Highlights • Clean and easy belt conveyor exit system.
• Push button operation.
• Digital counter.
• Quick and easy colour coded configuration of fold types.
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The Ideal-MBM 208J Paper Folding Machine is a table top folder for low, medium and high volume tasks for offices, print departments and mail rooms.

This model is designed as a mid volume production unit for print finishing for 3.5" x 5", 8 1/2" x 11" (Letter) and 8 1/2" x 14" (Legal) as well as other sizes. The 208J by Ideal-MBM is also a large format folding machine which can accommodate sheets up to 11" x 17" is size.

Short Specifications:
Folding Speed 14,400* sheets / hour
Feed Tray Sheet Capacity 500*
Feature highlights • Quick release rollers for easy cleaning and maintenance.
• Roller and belt delivery neatly stacks folded jobs.
• Accessories to enable cross fold is included.
• Special folding modes: Noise Reduction Mode, Thick Paper Mode, and Quick Mode.
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The 408A automatic paper folding machine, by Ideal-MBM, is a friction feed folder which can store 12 additional job tasks, along with 36 standard pre-programmed folds.

This model includes a Touchscreen LED console for easy set-up and configuration of folds and tasks. The 408A allows you to program batch folding amounts, and use the pre-set paper fold types for quick processing of high volume letter fold, legal fold, and other sizes up to 11" x 17" paper formats.

Short Specifications:
Folding Speed 14,400* sheets / hour
Feed Tray Sheet Capacity 500*
Optional Components Available Micro-perforate, Scorer
Highlights • Features automatic folding position setting.
• Folding patterns can be stored and recalled via touch screen.
• Fastest folding speed in its class.
• Perforating/scoring/kiss cut units available by option.
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The 352F Friction Feed folder is an excellent high volume production paper folder for production runs in offices, print departments and mail rooms

This is a Pro Series (Professional) paper folder with friction feed to post production preset and custom fold formats. Several optional accessories are available for this folding machine to allow for slitting, scoring, and perforation tasks in printed matter.

Short Specifications:
Folding Speed 22,000 sheets / hour
Feed Tray Sheet Capacity 300
Optional Components Available Silencing covers, Slitter, Scorer (Narrow, medium, and broad), Standard Perforate (Short, medium), Broad Perforate (Short, Medium, Long)
Highlights Commercial production high volume folding, large format friction feed, clean easy exit system.
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The 508A automatic friction feed folding machine is a higher volume folder with 24 customizable folds, and 36 standard pre-programmed settings.

The 508A includes advanced folding machine functions including: Color LCD touch screen control panel (4 digit addition and subtraction digital counter). Test button folds 2 sheets for inspection, automatically recognizes and displays paper size, automatic conveyor and self-setting exit rollers ensure smooth ejection of folded paper and more.

Short Specifications:
Folding Speed 14,400* sheets / hour
Feed Tray Sheet Capacity 500*
Optional Components Available Micro-perforate, Scorer
Highlights • Paper feed / separator pressure adjustment.
• Automatic feed table elevation and delivery roller setting.
• Automatic paper size recognition.
• 24 custom jobs can be stored in memory.
• Perforating / scoring / kiss cut units available by option.
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The all new 1800S Automatic Air Feed Paper folding machine is a high volume paper folder with advanced print production features.

A belt fed, air suction system allows for problem free feeding, including standard and coated stock. This model can also provide score or perforation with optional accessories. An air pressure selection know allows adjustment for different weights of paper stock.

Short Specifications:
Folding Speed 18,000* sheets / hour
Feed Tray Sheet Capacity 800*
Optional Components Available Micro-perforate, Scorer
Highlights • High sheet feed capacity.
• Variable suction feed control.
• Double Feed Sensor detection.
• 30 custom fold memory storage.
• Belt and air feed system for coated stock.
*May vary due to variations in paper (thickness, type and material) and power supply.