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Paper Shredders | Document Destruction® is an office equipment dealer in Canada - specializing in paper shredders for document shredding and multimedia / IT destruction.® provides high quality commercial office machines - not "throw away" office shredders that breaks down over shorter periods of work. Choose from the links provided above or from our top menu.

Protect yourself from identity theft in the home or office to safely and securely dispose credit cards, bills and statements tax documents, bank records, corporate aged documents, CD, DVD and BluRay data disks or old floppy disks.

These essential office machines are work horses that out perform store bought counterparts. Our brands are designed for today's business and are durable, reliable and more importantly - they have a long service life. All the brands we sell are engineered and manufactured to exacting high quality standards. With most you don't even need to remove staples or paper clips and can destroy document sets quickly and efficiently, as well as multimedia and IT destruction.

Most of the models we sell are cross cut and are available in a variety of accepted low to high security formats including:

  • Cross Cut (CC)
  • Micro-Cut (MC)
  • and Super Micro-Cut (SMC)

Strip cut shredders are no longer a standard in today's high security market. But, the are available for bulk destruction needs if required.

These all include safety features and a variety of other features depending on your office workload and volume of use.