Business Card Cutters and Slitters  - Canada

Business Card Slitter

Professional quality Business Card Slitter / Cutter machines, designed for digital print finishing and production.

These slitters are ideal for small print shops, copy shops and for corporate office environments. Business card slitter can be used in print shops to increase profitability to produce short runs of cards using digital printing equipment. Or, large organizations can use these machines to save money by printing and producing their own short run cards for new employees.

Choose from 12-up, 10-up, 8-up, and gutter cut configurations. Custom formatting for a variety of cuts can also be accomplished with our machines. We also offer customized machine set-up for our customer's needs on these machines!

World wide shipping is available on some of our machines - contact us for a quote!

Medium Duty 12 up Business Card Slitter - Erso 1204MC

The Erso 1204MC is a medium duty simple two pass business card slitter with an adjustable feed to accommodate different types of printed material thickness.

Adjustable 12 up Business Card Slitter - Erso 1204AB

The Erso 1204AB is an adjustable blade two pass business card slitter which can accommodate different types of printed material thickness for automatic processing of cut business cards.

Full Bleed 10 up Business Card Slitter - Erso 1005FB

The Erso 1005FB is a full bleed automatic electric business card slitter with gutter cuts between blades. It accepts 10 up 8.5" x 11" sheets of printed business card stock.

20 up Full Bleed Business Card Slitter - Erso 2006FB

The ERSO 2006FB Automatic Electric Full Bleed (Gutter-Cut) Business Card Slitter is designed to cut down business cards with full bleeds from a 20-up format with gutters in between each of the cards.

Erso 3006FB Full Bleed 30 up Business Card Slitter

The Erso 3006FB is a high speed full bleed automatic business card slitter with gutter cuts between blades. Upwards of 400 cards per minute / 30 per sheet business cards 2” x 3.5” from stock 13” x 19” with gutter between blades.

BC12 Tabletop Business Card Cutter

The BC12 Card Cutter (or slitter) is a professional and versatile tabletop digital print finishing solution for print production houses.