PBX Phone System Features - Canada

Phone System Features - Analog / VoIP - Grandstream

Grandstream SMB (Small / Medium Business) and Enterprise PBX phone systems are fully loaded with a tonne of features.

Main PBX System Features:

Whether you're a small business or need a more Corporate IP telecommunications system - Grandstream includes everything other systems charge extra for to enable! No hidden fees to enable and use the features you need for business!

Don't pay extra for features and services you deserve to have included. Your business will run efficiently with these PBX phone system features. And, you have complete control to make changes at any time!

Contact OREweb.ca® to discuss your needs and full features available.

NOTE: Some features may not be listed here as new features are often released with each firmware update for the UCM / PBX Systems.

Global UCM Features

• GigaByte and PoE Capable

• Analog + VoIP/SIP Trunk Capable (Up to 50 SIP trunk lines), and IAX line support.

• Multi-Language Support

Multi-company Support

(1) Call Center Support with Supervisor Monitoring and PC control Center options (with optional configuration)

IVR (Interactive Voice Recorded) Auto-Attendant - Multi-level & Multi-Language

• Custom Voice Prompts

• Single and batch extension set-up / Global Extension template configuration

(2) Conference Scheduling / Conference Bridge

• Multi-Branch / Office Peering

• Music On Hold

Live Call Recording Server

Call Monitor: Whisper / Listen / Barge

• Allows Multiple Endpoint registration per user

• Inbound Call Rules

Time of Day / Scheduling Modes

• Hunt Groups

• Dial by name directories

Flexible Outbound Calling Rules

Ring Groups / Extension Groups

• Call Transfer

• Call Queue

• Call Routing

• Call Hold

• Intercom

• Paging

Call Park / Unpark Orbit

• Call Duration Limit

• Multi-Level user access & restrictions

• Call bridge / DISA Features

• Company Directory - Dial-by-name

• Speed Dial

• Dialing plans

Announcement Center

• Callback

• Pick-up groups

• Global end-point (IP Extensions) template and set-up features (ZERO-CONFIG / Auto Configuration of end-points)

SIP Video Calling Support: H.264, H.263 or H.263+ codecs

Fax in/out and Fax to Email Features / T.38 support

• Asterix Feature Codes

• LDAP / XML Directory Phonebooks

Automated Back-ups (System, voicemail, recordings and  CDR records)

Web GUI Admin console

• Super Admin, Admin and User level privileges + Onsite and Remote Admin access

• Strong Password Enforcement + TLS Encryption Security

• System admin email notifications

• Global user email templates

• Blacklist Functions (callers / network/internet IP's)

Built in diagnostics

Extension User Features

• Scalable user options: 1 to 500, 800 or 2,000 user system options

• Use 3, 4 or more digit extension numbers


Voicemail to email (with sound file)

• Programmable Individual Phone Button Features (depending on phone model)

• Extension User Phonebooks

Mobile Device App Extension (Separate free app download available - Android and iPhone/IOS)

• Available / Busy / Away features

• Regular and Vacation Voicemail

• Call forward / Call Busy Forwarding

FOLLOW-ME Features

• Out to Mobile Phone

• DND-Do Not Disturb

• Agent Pause/resume

Auto-record Live Calls

Personal Music-on-hold

Time of Day / Scheduling Modes

• Concurrent end-point SIP Registrations per extension allowed

• Ring simultaneous locations

• Internal and External Extensions

• Remote Worker Extensions

• Restricted Use Extensions

• User level WebGUI Interface Access

• Fax / T.38 support - Extension level

• Auto-record calls on/off


• Enable / Disable Extension

• WebRTC Support

SIP Video Calling - depending on phone model

• Customizable Screen Images on company phones

Other Configurable Highlights

(1) Call Center Support includes:

PC Switchboard & Console Control Center and other enhancements

• Sound-byte on hold / Music on hold
• Agent Management
• Agent & Supervisor user portals
• Agent login and log off
• Agent hot-desking.

Multiple configurable call queues

• Automatic call distribution (ACD) based on agent skills / availability / busy level
• In-queue announcement.

Call Distribution / queuing

• Pattern call distribution options to agents
• Position announcement for caller in queue
• Automated call back caller queue options for caller.

Supervisor Monitoring

• Listen / Whisper Coaching / Barge-in, Live Call Recording.

Also includes

• CTI - Computer Telephony Integration
• User portals webGUI
• Built in statistics and more.

(2) Built in Conference Systems

Includes Scheduling and automated email sending system with reminders and call in number + access codes for attendees.

• Google Scheduling Integration.

• Email integration (system outbound only).

• Fax on system integration.

• Import / Export Extensions.

• Batch Add Extensions / Quick Set-up.

• Templated Extension Configurations.

• SIP Video integration - IP extension endpoints.

Multi-language support:

English/Simplified, Chinese/Traditional Chinese / Spanish / French / Portuguese / German / Russian / Italian / Polish / Czech for Web UI.

Customizable IVR / voice prompts:

English, Chinese, British English, German, Spanish, Greek, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, Hebrew, Arabic.

Customizable language pack to support any other languages.