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The 98M paper folder is a compact tabletop or desktop letter folding machine designed for ease of use. For folding paper, letters, statements, fliers and other print finishing tasks.

The 98M is the new and improved model of folding machine. New features include Test Mode, a lock plate to separate the rollers to prevent flat spots, and there’s no longer a need to reverse the second folding plate when performing a double fold job. Compact size (feed table and exit tray fold in for storage).

Short Specifications:
Folding Speed 7,200 sheets / hour
Feed Tray Sheet Capacity 150
Highlights • Clean and easy belt conveyor exit system.
• Push button operation.
• Digital counter.
• Quick and easy colour coded configuration of fold types.
Model 98M
Feed Type Fricton Feed
Folding speed 7,200 sheets / hour
Feed tray sheet capacity* 150
Paper weights accepted 16 lb. bond to 80 lb. offset (Text/Paper stock only, will not fold Card/Cover stock).
Paper formats accepted 4" x 5" up to 8 1/2" x 11" (letter), 8 1/2" x 14" (legal)
Fold types available

Multiple presets and custom folds:

letter paper tri-fold style
Tri / Letter
double parallel fold style
Parallel Fold
gate fold style
half fold
standard z fold letter
custom paper folding machine
Machine dimensions 14" x 25" x 16 3/4"
Power supply required 120 V, 60 Hz
Download sheets

*May vary due to variations in paper (thickness, type and material) and power supply.

This desktop unit also has a programmable counter with batch and total functions to keep count of your jobs.

The exit tray conveyor system is unmatched in the market with this class of folding equipment. The finished product is stacked neatly into a sequential order for numbered jobs. Once the final paper sheet has exited, the unit automatically stops.

One of the best low cost folding solutions on the market! Excellent for small to medium day to day tasks in the office, or in a low to medium volume copy centre or print production environment.

Easy and simple to use with a clean organized work flow process - see video below...

Other Features:
  • Simple, push button operation
  • Programmable page counter with batch total features
  • Color-Coded Fold type graphics for easy set-up of all purpose formats. Easy set-up of custom formats
  • Accepts paper from 4" x 5" up to 8 1/2" x 11" (Letter) and 8 1/2" x 14" (Legal)
  • Powered exit conveyor, exit tray extension for neat stacking of batch jobs and sequentially number jobs
  • Automatic stop on last paper sheet exit
Recommended Maintenance Options:

roller rejuvenator rubber cleaner conditionerHighly Recommended: Roll Rejuvenator / Cleaner Spray - Cleans and conditions the internal rubber rollers. When folding digitally printed stock, toner, ink and paper debris builds up on the internal rubber rollers over time. Paper jams can start to occur anytime depending on your folding volume.

Roller Rejuvenator / Cleaner is specially formulated as a non-abrasive cleaning agent and de-glazes the internal rubber rollers with-out damaging them to eliminate internal paper jams so you can keep folding. The use of other products for cleaning the rollers can damage the finish on the rubber rollers by drying them out. The Rubber Roller Rejuvenator is available by itself or with the machine purchase or maintenance package at a discounted price.

Maintenance Kit - The top feed roller wheel and separator pad smoothly feeds individual sheets from the feed tray. These wear parts ensure correct alignment of the sheets being fed automatically into the folding mechanisms. They also stop paper jams from occurring due to misalignment and multiple sheet feeding. These 93M parts wear over time with use as part of the "friction feed" process.

Replace at least once per year, or as needed in volume work environments when multiple sheet feeds start to occur.

  • Optional Kit (Part #ORE-MP-93M-1) includes: Instructions, Feed Roller Wheel and Separator Pressure Pad.
    OREweb.ca® recommends keeping a kit on hand just in case you need it in the middle of a large job.
    The parts replacement takes less than a minute to do as long as you have the kit on hand!

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