Professional PBX Phone System
Configuration Services

Take the worry and stress out of setting up your new phone system and save time with our expert set-up services!

Or, take the work load off your IT Department and SAVE...® Professional PBX configuration services provide you with experienced and up to date set-up.

What we do...


Update firmware on: the main PBX system and phones.


Base configure your extensions (Names, Extension Numbers, etc.).


Correctly set-up and address important security related issues.


Set-up other basic functions including:

Auto Admin / IVR (Interactive Voice Response) - including basic call routing. We also pre-record 1 main Auto Attendant recording level - you can provide your written script.

Music on hold

Group ring settings (if required)

We will contact you once your system is in process, and find out about any other basic set-up needs.*

What you do...


 Plug in your system and phones once it arrives. Finalize the set-up on site using the detailed step-by-step condensed instructions we provide.


 Contact us to do a remote session to do a quick systems check and basic feature adjustments if required.


 Start using your new phone system!


*You will also receive step-by-step detailed PDF instructions for setting up the GS WAVE APP for iPhone and Android Devices - save time and effort figuring it out!

NOTE: Your PBX should be set-up on your network on a static IP address. Ask your IT for this, or our technician can assist.*

Dedicated Support Services

Along with® IP-PBX Professional Configuration services, we also offer other dedicated solutions...

Dedicated Personal Support

Your phone system comes with 3 months free remote support.

We also offer paid yearly remote support - dedicated and personal when you need it. Just call in and we're ready to help!

Managed IP-PBX Services

Want to focus on what you do best?

Leave the management of your phone system to us! Our Managed IP-PBX Services** allow us to manage, update and maintain your new phone system remotely for you!

VoIP Trunk / Line Service

Need a low cost VoIP (Voice over IP) telephone line service?

We can help - we'll soon be offering VoIP line services!

*Some more advance features may require additional set-up costs, if required. Your tech rep. will advise if special set-up or extended hour/time required over and above basic configuration pricing.
**Additional set-up costs involved on Managed service plans as router/firewall ports need to be set-up correctly on your network. NOTE: Your® PBX Specialist will also review your router to ensure proper security requirements are being met for VoIP related services.