HSM Profipack C400 Single-Layer Cardboard Converter

Single Cardboard Layer
115V - US/Canada Plug-in
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HSM Profipack C400 Single-Layer Cardboard Shredder Converter - Single Cardboard Layer

The HSM C400 ProfiPack is a single layer cardboard shredder and perforation.

With this machine you can transform used, recycled or new cardboard into packaging material in one work step. Shred cardboard and convert to shipping filler!

Short Specifications:
Cardboard accepted Single Layer
Operation On demand / intermittent use
Adjustment guide Yes
Throughput capacity 31.5 FT/Min (50 kg/hour)

HSM ProfiPack C400 packaging Machine

recycle cardboard conversion machineThe converted packaging cardboard can be used to wrap, surround or encase breakable and fragile object for protection during shipping.

Save on your packaging material by recycling used cardboard into new packing materials!

Quickly and easily process new, used and recycled cardboard to use as shipment packaging material or fragile wrap for delicate objects during transport.

 HSM C400 Features

  • Mobile and/or flexible tabletop device.
  • Hardened cutting rollers.
  • Rip through single layer of tough cardboard.
  • Specially shaped cutting.
  • Optimum padding of the material.
  • Continuous Duty Operation.
  • Adjustment scale guide for width alignment.
  • Powerful chain drive operation under a constant load.

 C400 Profipack Machine Specifications

HSM C400 control panel
The integrated turbo-function resolves blockages by making more power available for a short time.
C400 desk or tabletop transporatable machine
Can be lifted up and transported easily via the side recessed handles.
chain driven motor for shredding cardboard
The induction-hardened solid steel cutting rollers are wear-resistant against cardboard staples and guarantee durability.
easy release adjustment guide
Variable adjustment guide width scale allows the production of cushioning material to size.
desk or tabletop secure feet base

Sturdy feet ensure the packaging machine will not slip.

C400 rear output feed exit
Rear exit of processed material. The efficient drive concept ensures a powerful operation at constant load.
each access control panel for operation
The intuitive operator control panel with LED indicators on a robust keypad signals the operating status of the device.
Converted cardboard material sample
The packaging material can be used wherever required and provides optimum protection for objects.
us - canada power 110v plug-in power supply
US - Canada Power Supply type, 110V

 Packaging cushion machines: clever packaging solutions

Packaging made from card or cardboard accrues in most operations. No matter what the products or components are that you receive, they are almost always sent in large packages packed with filling material.

After unpacking, the question arises: what shall we do with the cardboard?

Packaging cushion machines convert cardboard material and provide a smart alternative versus disposal of packaging material in waste containers and landfills. These machines provide you with the option to transform old packaging into filling material for shipping packages.

Single Layer Cardboard Coversion - HSM C400

Sample of Single Layer Cardboard conversion with the HSM C400 machine vs.

Two layer cardboard conversion - HSM C425 / P425

Sample of a Dual Layer Cardboard conversion with the HSM C425 and HSM P425. These models can also do single layer passes as well.

Manufacturer HSM
Model # Profipack C400
EAN Number 4026631062695
Cardboard Accepted Single Layer
Throughput capacity 31.5 FT/Min (50 kg/hour)
Power type 115V Standard US/Canada Plug
Power Consumption 625 W
Feed Loading Height 10 mm
Noise Level 68 - 70 dB(A)
Dimensions 610 x 395 x 375 mm
24 inch x 15.5 inch x 17.8 inch
Weight 46.7 Kg
103 Lbs.

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