HSM ProfiPack P425 Cardboard Converter

2-3 Cardboard Layer
220V - 3 Phase Power Required
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The HSM ProfiPack P425 Cardboard Converter allows for 2-3 layer cardboard per pass. Perforate cardboard and process into usable packaging material for shipping.

This robust and optimized packaging machine is used to process a number of layers of cardboard into a padding, matting or padded filling material. Shred and convert cardboard using this machine which is as a movable and lockable machine with workplace flexibility.
Short Specifications:
Cardboard accepted 2-3 Layer
Operation Continuous - 8 hours
Adjustment guide Yes
Throughput capacity 43.31 FT/Min (120 kg/hour)

HSM ProfPack P425 Packaging Machine

recycle cardboard conversion machineWithin business, cardboard packaging is disposed of by recycling. Why not make use of waste packaging material to save on shipping and packing materials?

Cardboard normally accrues in shipping and receiving areas, or ends up in garbage bins and disposal containers. Those containers are often paid for to have them emptied or removed when full.

Why not transform your waste packaging material and shred your cardboard into usable and sustainable packing material?

These ProfiPack cardboard converting machines do just that! They shred & convert used boxes into cushioning material for packages...

HSM P425 Features

optional accessory - HSM P425 dust vaccum kit
  • Dust Vacuum kit accessory optional / available for this model.
  • Hardened cutting rollers.
  • Rips through 2-3 layers of tough cardboard.
  • Specially shaped cutting rollers
  • Long service life.
  • Heavy duty casters with brake for moving machine.
  • High efficiency drive.
  • Easy to use control panel.
  • Integrated adjustment guide.
  • Emergency stop button.

HSM P425 / Mid-volume Features

P425 Control panel with Emergency Stop button

Control panel with emergency stop switch - the device stops immediately.

solid castors with brake
The device can be used on a mobile basis and has smooth-running, stable casters with a parking brake.
Adjustable guide for sizing
Variable adjustment guide adjusts working width with a scale to allow for the production of cushioning material to width sizing required.
P425 hardened steel cutting head cylinders
The induction-hardened solid steel cutting rollers are wear-resistant against cardboard staples and guarantee durability.
easy to use forward and reverse funtion panel
Intuitive operator control panel with LED indicators on a robust keypad signals the operating status of the device.
220V - 3 phase power requirements

220V - 3 Phase power requirements for this model required (P425).

processed cardboard packing material sample
The processed shredding cardboard packaging material can be used wherever required and provides optimum protection for fragile objects or can be simply used as box filler.
rear exit of processed cardboard material
Shown with optional dust extraction vacuum kit. Add as an accessory to reduce dust and air control feature in the work area.
efficient drive and design process
The efficient drive concept ensures a powerful operation at constant load.

Produce shipping and packaging filling material yourself

It's efficient and sustainable packaging! Manufacturing your own packaging cushion using these ProfiPack machines can lead to HUGE cost-savings for your company. By eliminating cardboard disposed into waste bins and containers you can save on recycle costs with third party waste companies whom you pay to provide that waste service...

Transform all your own packaging material into filling material yourself.

Single Layer Cardboard Coversion - HSM C400

Sample of Single Layer Cardboard conversion with the HSM C400 machine vs.

Two layer cardboard conversion - HSM C425 / P425

Sample of a Dual Layer Cardboard conversion with the HSM C425 and HSM P425. These models can also do single layer passes as well.

Manufacturer HSM
Model # Profipack P425
EAN Number 4026631072731
Cardboard Accepted 2-3 Layers
Throughput capacity 43.31 FT/Min (120 kg/hour)
Power Type 220V - 3 Phase
Power Consumption 3800 W
Feed Loading Height 20 mm
Noise Level 63 - 64 dB(A)
Dimensions 770 x 570 x 1,040 mm
30 inch x 22.4 inch x 41 inch
Weight 181 Kg
399 Lbs.

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